Sunday, July 25, 2010

.Best friend or Friend?.

.Dedicated to 'YOU' my friend or maybe ''BEST" friend.

A best friend is the type of friend that both of you love to hang out with each other almost everyday and never get bored, tell each other secrets that you haven't even dared to tell your mum or dad, understand each other, feel like you guys are siblings, know each other almost by heart, always there for each other and your best friend is the kind of friend that never back stabs you. It's the kind of friend that you prefer talking to then any other.

friend is a person you hang out with, talk to (but without sharing deep secrets), back each other up and they don't back stab each other. They sound similar, but the relationship is not as strong as it is with a best friend(so you don't really feel like family) and they can be there for you but not necessarily all the time. Sometimes they can betray you somehow.

p/s : Am I your Best Friend or Friend?